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Lyngenalp is the new representative for travel – related businesses in the municipality of Lyngen.
Lyngen is known for its scenic nature and the majestic Lyngen alps, where peaks dive directly into the crystal clear fjord. This is one of the few places in the world where skiers can ski directly from the mountain into the fjord (or maybe stop at the beach…)
Constitution of the company started in 2007, and as of today there are 18 member companies and the company has one person employed dedicated to coordination of tourist – activities and marketing . In addition to members, Lyngenalp cooperates with a branch of incoming tour operators in the region.
By cooperating and coordinating tourism activities in the municipality Lyngen has experienced increased sales of accommodation and activities in the community. The notion of small companies working together towards a common goal has proved to be successful. In Lyngen there are now possibilities of cross – country skiing, guided summit – trips, reindeer sledding, dog – sledding, snowmobile – safari, arctic scuba diving, horse back riding, horse sledding, fishing – trips and more…